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Why Contractors & Installers Choose Us

Contractor reviews blueprints

We understand the demands of the contractor and installer. In fact, our turnstiles have been designed specifically for ease of installation. You need to know the product will be ready when you have to install it, and when it gets to your site that it will be intact, well-engineered and easily installed.

Whether you are putting in a single unit on a fence line, or 40 at an industrial complex, our turnstiles will help maximize your time and profitability on projects. That is our commitment to you. We can help you with shop drawings, planning a job and even fabricating additional barriers to help you profitably complete a project.

Call us and see. We’ll be happy to give you the names of installers everywhere who chose us and stay with us job after job. All of our turnstiles are built in Brunswick, Ohio at our family’s facility, and we take pride in being the only American turnstile manufacturer that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

My customers have high expectations that our firm will provide reliable products and service when they hire us. We expect the same of our suppliers, and that’s why we’ve used Controlled Access Turnstiles when pedestrian access control is part of the job. They provide reliable products, are easy to work with and help us successfully complete our jobs.
Tom Bushe General Manager/Systems Integrator International Controls & Equipment
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