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Turnstiles for Retail Pedestrian Traffic & Loss Prevention

Waist high turnstiles in lobby of retail store

Controlled Access offers access control solutions for retailers that help control traffic in and out of their stores and within areas needing additional pedestrian traffic control. Like arenas and other public spaces, we understand the unique challenges facing retailers today.

Retail Loss Prevention Systems

The growing “grab and go” incidents and the taking of shopping carts full of unpaid merchandise out of store entrances have become universal problems. One way to help stop this is with security turnstile and rail systems. Click here to see our Loss Prevention Tools.

Controlled Access – Turnstile Experts

Call Controlled Access at 800-942-0829. We can discuss your specific needs and help tailor a plan to mitigate theft and control traffic flow in, out, and within your stores with customized turnstile security systems.


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