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Part of being an ISO 9001:2015 certified turnstile manufacturer means we’re constantly on a springboard, striving for continuous improvement. Part of that process means our staff is always aware the customer defines the quality expectations for each job we’re awarded, and that it’s our responsibility to meet or exceed your expectations every time.

Of course, we understand in some cases, the expectations aren’t fully defined, or there may be some considerations that haven’t been thought of yet. That’s why we’ve prepared a short list of questions to think over. After all, the better informed you are, the easier it is to match you with the product that handles all of your needs.

If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What purpose will your turnstile serve?

Considerations may include managing shift changes in a work environment, parking lot entry, etc. It’s important to consider where the unit is being placed and how frequently it’s being used. Also, will people be using a credential (ID, ticket or token, for example), or is the turnstile merely there to count how many people pass? We can help you figure out the best product for your application.

What kind of environment are you placing your turnstile in?

We offer a variety of turnstile models. Some can be placed in either interior or exterior environments, and others are designed with one application in mind. Letting us know the environmental conditions of your project will help us match the ideal unit to your needs.

Is your turnstile being placed in a corrosive environment (sand, salt air, etc.)?

If so, then a model made in 316 stainless steel will likely provide the best protection against corrosive surroundings.

Will you need to provide ADA pedestrian access?

All of our units can either be combined with a full size ADA passage gate, come in an ADA-compliant model or can provide flexible-width passage lanes to accommodate this type of traffic. This is an important consideration. We have a number of units to fit your needs, and a tremendous amount of experience in this specific area.

How many people need to pass through the portal in what amount of time?

Picking both the right model and right quantity are important factors to consider when determining what will eventually become a successful crowd-access-managing solution. There’s misleading information about how many people can really move through a barrier in a given amount of time. Much of it’s based on technical data from the speed of the reader to the database. However, practical experience has shown the slowest portion of the entry/exit cycle isn’t the technology, but the people moving through it – those searching for credentials in their wallets or purses.

Realistically, five seconds is a fair approximation/average on how long it takes for a person with an ID to go through a turnstile. Of course, better training and the type of ID used (proximity cards are faster than swipe cards) will improve passage times.

Another way to reduce passage time is with the use of tandem turnstiles. These units allow more people to pass from one area to another while taking up a smaller amount of space. While two single units are always better if you can space them out appropriately, tandems do allow that increased traffic flow when space is a concern.

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