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Turnstiles for Manufacturing Facilities

Secure Turnstiles for manufacturing facility
Whether your project is a distribution warehouse or factory, we understand that getting your people in and out safely through turnstiles and gates in a timely manner affects your operational success. Having worked with some of the nation’s largest manufacturing clients, we are experienced at perimeter control as well internal facility access points.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Your Facility

We can provide your team with guidance and solutions so your turnstiles aid with issues such as shift change, time and attendance and security. Factories and warehouses in particular call for larger turnstiles where workers tend to be bigger, and frequently carry backpacks, lunch boxes and other items. Beyond the perimeter and lobby full height turnstile needs, there are other issues such as lunchroom turnstiles, break room portals and important ESD (electro static discharge) turnstiles to assure employees are safe to enter sensitive electronic manufacturing areas. We even offer all stainless units to integrate with wash stations for the food industry. Contact us and we can analyze your specific turnstile access control needs.

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