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Obsolete Product Resources

Within this page you will find information on various products we no longer manufacture in hopes to help troubleshoot older installations. Replacement parts for some older control systems may still be available. Most units can also be fitted with a new 6500 Series Control Head as well.

The 789 Control Board

The 789 Control Board was used on many different models throughout the years. This board featured a removable chip that allowed it to be used on a variety of different turnstiles.

Almost all of our turnstiles used the CA-1 chip, which contained our standard controller logic. Optical turnstiles were once manufactured with a 789 board and a CA-4 chip. The RD-70 was a 789 board with a CA-7 chip. Motorized gates were a slightly modified 789 board with a CA-10 chip.

While we still have 789 boards available as replacement parts, this system has been replaced with our 6789 logic controller system. This change allowed us to obtain an ETL Recognized Component, certified by Intertek to conform the the following standards: UL 294, UL 325, UL Subject 2593, CAN/ULC S319, CSA C22.2#247.

While the 789 board as a whole functions quite similar to our new system, its inputs were NPN (sinking) while our new logic controller is PNP (sourcing). As such, some existing add-ons in the field, such as proximity sensors, may be incompatible with the new system.

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The 6100 Series Control Head

The 6100 Series Control Head was used for the majority of our product line up until the 6500 Series Control Head was released.

The 6100 Series Control Head’s mounting bolt pattern matches the 6500, so swapping out for a new head is a breeze.

Many of the components used on the 6100 are used in the 6500 design today. These include the solenoids, springs, and hydraulic shock.

While we still try to support the 6100, part availability is limited. Please contact us with any part requirements and we will see if we are able to assist.

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The 8100 Series Control Head

A big brother to the 6100, the 8100 Series Control Head was used on some of our larger full height turnstiles to accommodate the extra weight. The casting, cam shaft diameter, cams, locking bars and hydraulic shock are approximately 50% larger than a 6100.

Instead of manufacturing a larger version of a 6500 Series Control Head, we opted to replace some components with larger ones when used on our larger turnstiles to allow for a more universal experience. Because of this, with a simple adaptor plate (provided for no charge), an 8100 Series Control Head can be retrofitted with a new 6500 with ease.

While we try to support the 8100 Series Control Head, parts are very limited. Please contact us to see if we can provide you with replacement parts or suggest getting a 6500 Series Control Head instead.

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The 1000 Series Turnstile & ADA Gate

The 1000 Series was a style of turnstile / gate that was constructed with a 4″ diameter tube and the controls were made to fit inside in a circular design.

While we still try to support 1000 Series units, parts are somewhat limited. We do not currently offer a replacement for 1000 Series controls.

Due to the unique design, it is usually best to ship 1000 Series controls into us for repair so that we can ensure the work is done properly.

Please contact us if you are in need of parts or service and we will try to help you the best we can.

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