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Turnstiles for Educational Institutes

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Added Security For Schools and Universities

With the growing concern today over school and university security, turnstiles and ADA gates have become an increasing part of the dialogue as communities and law enforcement seek to control access into these vulnerable locations.

From metal detection portals, to traditional turnstile solutions, we are constantly working with both K-12 and University level staff to provide proven means to control access in and out of buildings.

Just like any other facility, there are basic characteristics of these sites that must be addressed, but then you have the added aspect of smaller individuals with numerous backpacks and these facilities become a significant challenge. That is where turnstiles are a piece of the comprehensive plan to manage the entire facility.

However, perimeter or entry point security is not the only time turnstiles are needed at schools and universities. We provide many school systems with waist high turnstiles for lunch room control, and we provide other solutions at university student centers and fitness facilities.

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