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Can Security Be Maintained With An Open Door?

ADA Gates

Open Door SecurityThe reason why turnstiles are the best tool to control who’s coming in and out of your facility is that regular doors can be held open, allowing passage of untold, unchecked numbers of people. With full height security turnstiles, individuals need to present a valid credential to go through these secure portals.

However, Full Height ADA Gates can present the same issue as an open door – they can be held open for those not possessing valid IDs. That’s why we ask clients what their plan is for monitoring access points where ADA gates are being placed. If you’re in need of a mandatory Full Height ADA Gate, then having a guard in close proximity, or cameras to survey each entry point become key. These are just two solutions for implementing ADA access mandates and still assuring a secure environment.

You may already have adequate ADA access at your facility through other locations, so always check and assess your existing structure and accommodations as you may not need additional ADA access. However, in most cases, you’ll need it.

If it doesn’t already exist at your site, the HS336 and HS348 full height gates, or our waist high ADA turnstile gates can address these needs. Call us at 330-273-6185 or 800-942-0829 (toll-free) and we can discuss your entire pedestrian access control picture and help get you secure.

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