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Waist High Turnstiles Are For Honest People – And Require The Right Pedestrian Access Control Solution

Waist High Turnstiles

Honest People - 01The reality is, a full height security turnstile is a complete physical barrier that’s difficult to overcome. Waist high turnstiles however, are vulnerable to being crawled under or jumped over. In the right environment, they perform fine for specific tasks such as queuing, counting and controlling access where there is supervision of some sort. Tripod arm turnstiles are successfully used in lobbies, amusement parks, and pro-sports venues all the time where they can be bolted down in a set location with some sort of monitoring.

Honest People - 02

Waist high turnstiles and ADA turnstile gates can also can be built as portable models with a base and curved rail that creates a passage lane. These enable site managers to move them as needed. The turnstile can function as a self-contained device with manual operation (and a battery-operated counter) or with plug-in capability and serial port operation. They’re highly configurable pedestrian access control tools when used in the right situation.

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