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COVID-19 – Try To Limit Employee “Touch Points”

Safety First

Two months ago, our customers just worried about stopping human intruders with turnstiles and tracking employees as they came in and out of properties. Today, we are all concerned about stopping employees who might be carrying a different, smaller intruder.

The COVID-19 virus has changed our focus from checking ID’s to taking temperatures and assessing the health of those who are coming and going. But, that is still an unproven and inexact science that continues to evolve. Some people carrying the virus may be asymptomatic, others may show varied symptoms. So how can you best approach this new, scary time in controlling access to your facilities?

The answer is…planning.

First it begins with a corporate wide policy, and then education of your workforce. Thermometers may be helpful but that is not going to be a complete solution. You need to teach workers when they are to stay home (if ill), and stop the problem before it is about to go thru the turnstile.

Some companies are implementing multi-layered approaches where employees are now given a hand held temp scan in parking lots, before they can enter a property. That is a helpful start but doesn’t address those with no symptoms. Masks are becoming part of all our wardrobes, and should be mandatory.

A couple of other helpful thoughts are to limit employee touch points. Keep doors open if possible at high volume entry/exit times. Signage with messages for those carrying RFI badges, asking them not to touch the reader or turnstile as they enter will help…as will frequent spray down of the turnstiles/readers themselves. It is all common sense, and the best tool we have in this confusing, scary, evolving time.

Be safe out there.

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