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Cheese Graters? Not In My Lobby!

Full Height Turnstiles

I can’t tell you how many times over the years customers have called and referred to traditional full height security turnstiles as “cheese graters”. They either want one, or adamantly don’t want something that looks like a giant food prep device.

And that leads me to talk about the less cheesy way to control traffic in areas where aesthetics might be as important as security.

We manufacture another line of high security portals that resemble revolving doors, but don’t act like them…they act just like traditional full height security turnstiles but are dairy free.

The P60 and RD70 model turnstiles can be used for secure access because they are made of aluminum and polycarbonate. They have an open feel to them so you won’t feel like a hunk of parmigiana en route to a table in the corner of an Italian Ristorante.

These aluminum turnstiles are just as secure as traditional full height turnstiles, but can be fitted with optical anti-piggybacking arrays. And, because they’re aluminum, they work nicely with metal detectors in close proximity. These are used to separate shop floors from management offices, in lobbies, and areas where looks matter. While I can’t think of another cheese joke to insert in here, I can say without question that these portals will add a nice look to any area, but especially those projects which are lactose intolerant. Feel free to Contact Us to learn more.

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