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Why You Don’t Need Factory-Trained Installers With Controlled Access


Prospective customers call and ask if they need to have factory-trained installers put in our turnstiles and ADA turnstile gates. We say no – experienced installers are all you need.

Unlike some of our competitors who want you to use factory-trained installers, we’ve designed our turnstiles and ADA gates so any competent pro could put them in, saving you from needless downtime and unnecessary costs.

We make products that can be installed easily, maintained simply and when needed, repaired onsite or sent to us if you prefer. The control head, which is the brain and key component of a turnstile, can be easily removed, so you can work on them – unlike some of our competitors who weld them into place, requiring costly onsite service calls.

That’s not how we do business. We want our turnstiles to be easily repaired and maintained.

However, should you need our help, we’re available with a simple call with a technical staff here in Cleveland, Ohio. We don’t have 20 minute “on-hold” queues either – you’ll talk to one of us and receive proper guidance quickly.

In addition, we have parts in stock we can send to you same-day if need be. If you’d rather have us fix your control head mechanism, you can send it in, and we’ll fix it ASAP and ship it back the way you request.

With Controlled Access, there are no expensive onsite service calls and no extended downtimes. That’s why we have growing numbers of repeat customers who choose us for their many locations.

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