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Factories: What’s The BIG Idea About Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height TurnstilesHS439 Single PC & Dual Mesh Gate

HS439 Single PC Black and Dual Mesh Gate

After 30-plus years of security access control projects, we’ve learned a lot from our customers and the marketplace. When it comes to warehouses and factories, we learned one very BIG thing: Workers in factories tend to carry lunchboxes, backpacks and have a greater number of larger people than other controlled access environments.

To accommodate this, we often recommend manufacturing and distribution plants consider the larger full height turnstiles, namely the HS439 full height security turnstile. With robust 1.75″ tubing, a 1.25″ hex shaft (that goes into the rotor) and a very generous passage size, these units take into account the needs of factory personnel.

When people don’t feel “stuffed” into turnstiles that may be perceived as narrow, there’s less likely to be complaints and/or potential vandalism. Factories and warehouses are situations where bigger really may be better.

Additionally, you may need to have an ADA gate, and that might be our standard 36″ passage HS336 model or the wider HS348 model with a four-foot passage. Either gate can feature vertical-tubing-only (if you plan to card in/out), or have mesh and a push-bar for allowing free exit. We also can provide custom gate solutions – such as adding maglocks – where you want an even larger clear passage area.

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