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ADA Waist High Turnstiles Require Special Consideration

Waist High Turnstiles

ADA Waist High - 01ADA access control presents unique challenges. Both ADA waist high turnstile gates and full height security gates provide wide passage areas for patrons. Waist high ADA turnstiles, sometimes called ADA turnstile gates, have a 36-40″ long curved arm that must open entirely to allow the appropriate access to folks who need it.

However, that resulting open area can allow more than one person through with one ID swipe, as there’s no optical sensing capability on these models. This can compromise security and render a counting device ineffective, so ADA waist high turnstiles should be installed where there is some degree of monitoring, such as near a guard desk, or with a camera system.

ADA Barrier Optical

If you need higher security controls for waist high ADA access, consider the EX300 Barrier Optical Series turnstile that can control passage and has sensors that will trigger an alarm if the lane is violated by someone without a valid credential. They control and work to prevent “piggybacking” – where two or more people try and sneak through with only one valid credential or ID. They also offer unique design elements that include the ability to laser etch company logos onto the panels – an impressive touch for clients of ours who’ve used them in corporate lobbies and cruise ships.

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