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Anchoring Your Turnstile – Set A Level Concrete Pad

Full Height Turnstiles

It is crucial that your full height turnstiles and ADA gates get installed properly. The key to all of this is a level, concrete pad; no asphalt. We provide our customers with a turnstile and ADA gate pad drawing so you will know exactly what surface is needed to assure a safe, reliable install.

Your turnstile pad needs to be concrete, at least 4″ thick and level, + or – .125 (3.1mm). We will provide all the necessary anchors and fasteners. If your grade exceeds this, you run the risk of the leaning turnstile of Pisa…and that would be bad.

In extreme situations, you can consider grouting the base like this excellent install below where accommodations had to be made for a gradient that was not suited for the traditional turnstile install. Here you see our stainless steel HS448 turnstile and HS336 ADA (mesh) gate installed in a very high gradient situation.

Full Height Turnstiles HS400 Single

By creating bases like these, you can adapt a bad slanted grade to work with turnstiles. It just takes planning.

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