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The Basics Of Selecting The Ideal Turnstile For Your Project

Full Height Vs Waist High

You know you need to control people at your facility. So, how do you know what type of turnstile to select? There is a lot to think about, but knowing the budget and end-goal makes the process simple. Here are some simple thoughts to making the turnstile selection very easy.

Your Budget: Seems obvious but you have to know your budget going into the selection process, not only for the turnstile and ADA gate, but for the install as well. Ask yourself, is this part of a bigger project, do you have existing access control on site (ex. database software, RFID cards for employees, etc.)? Knowing this will help with making your decision.

Your Need: What type of turnstile will you need, a full height or a waist high?

  • Full Height turnstiles are for more secure areas such as; places where there may not be monitoring all the time, or areas where you don’t want the ability of someone trying to “sneak” through. Then you have to select the finish (galvanized, powder coated, or stainless steel) based on where you want to install them (inside or outside), and the function you expect them to serve your project.
  • Waist High turnstiles are often said to be for honest people (meaning the person will not try to climb over it), or for situations that are closely monitored. Waist high turnstiles certainly have their place and can be ideal for a lobby, health club, lunch room, public venues, etc.). Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Do you intend on using them for only letting people with ID’s to enter? Will they only be used for counting the number of people going through? Do you need them to be bolted down, or portable? Do you need Optical turnstiles that can alarm if there is piggy-backing or crawling under the turnstiles barrier? These are some of the most important questions to begin with when starting the selection process.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements:

  • Don’t forget ADA access. Whether full height or waist high, you need to remember addressing access needs for those needing special accommodations. That means assessing your facility and determining if there already is ADA compliance in place; or if your new project will require you to take that into account. We can give you some insight into ADA access turnstiles and gates.

Any of these areas of consideration will help narrow down your turnstile selection and give you the best result. Contact us today to start a conversation about the right solution for your project. You can also request a Quick Quote.



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