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Why Controlled Access Has Four Sizes of Full Height Security Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles

As you may have noticed, Controlled Access offers four sizes of full height security turnstiles (single rotor) and two sizes of dual rotor or tandem units. It’s time to learn the difference between them.

Single Rotor Full Height Security Turnstiles

  1. For single turnstiles, we make our most narrow unit, the HS427, with a narrow 27″ opening. These 62″ wide turnstiles are capable of fitting in tight spaces where security requirements dictate this kind of approach. For example, they’re frequently used by high schools to keep people from sneaking bicycles onto their running tracks. The narrow opening makes taking a bike through extremely difficult.
  2. The HS430 has a near 30″ opening, which is standard for most applications. Both the HS427-single or HS430-single models are made with 1.5″ arm tubing.
  3. The HS439 has a 39″ opening, which is the size most often ordered for factories and warehouses. The larger opening is appropriate in locations where larger individuals might be using them, or situations where people may be carrying backpacks or other bulky items.
  4. The HS448 turnstile has a massive 4-foot passage that makes it ideal as an exit in public venues or anywhere a large passage area is preferred. The HS439 and HS448 units have 1.75″ arm tubing.

Dual Rotor or Tandem Full Height Security Turnstiles

Tiffany T-80 ApplicationThe two tandem full height security turnstiles we make have either 27″ or 30″ openings (HS427-T and the HS430-T respectively). If you need to move a large amount of people through a secure portal area, but only have a limited width, tandem turnstiles are an excellent way to achieve this. These feature two rotors in one frame, and reduce the need to place two single turnstiles next to each other, which would take up more space.

You can also pair a tandem with an ADA gate just like you would with a single turnstile. Tandems have two control heads, and function independently of one another like single turnstiles. The only difference is they’re in the same frame and they take up less width.

If you’re interested in an aluminum tandem, you’ll want to check out the Tiffany T80-T. This turnstile would be paired with our T36 ADA Door for interior applications.

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