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HS400 Series Single Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile HS400 Series Single stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Full Height Turnstile HS400 Series Single stainless steel powder coated

Stainless or Powder Coated

Full Height Turnstile HS400 Series Single powder coated


Full Height Turnstile HS400 Series Single galvanized


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Our High-Security Series turnstiles are engineered to meet the most-demanding security and control requirements. They can function as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system, be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features — and integrate with most card reader systems and biometrics. All of our full height turnstiles include auto-indexing and self-centering rotors, and feature our 6500 Series Control Head – certified by Intertek to conform to the following UL standards: UL 294, UL 325, UL Subject 2593, CAN/ULC S319 and CSA C22.2#247.

The HS400 models are available in four sizes and can be crafted in your choice of finishes — galvanized, powder-coated carbon steel or stainless steel (304). We also offer 316 stainless steel for extra corrosive resistance. Ask us more about these industry leading options including combination units that are powder coated with stainless rotors for a more designer look.

Turnstile Options

Dimensions & Drawings

HS400 Series Single Turnstile Drawing HS400 Series Single Turnstile Drawing
Depth A Width B Passage Width C Passage Height D Overall Height* E
HS427-S 57.375″ (1457.3mm) 62″ (1574.8mm) 27″ (685.8mm) 84″ (2133.6mm) 91″ (2311.4mm)
HS430-S 59.250″ (1505mm) 66″ (1676.4mm) 30″ (762mm) 84″ (2133.6mm) 91″ (2311.4mm)
HS439-S 76″ (1930.4mm) 84″ (2133.6mm) 38.500″ (978mm) 84″ (2133.6mm) 91″ (2311.4mm)
HS448-S 96.187″ (2443.1mm) 106″ (2692.4mm) 49.319″ (1252.7mm) 84″ (2133.6mm) 91″ (2311.4mm)


HS427-S** 27″ (685.8mm)
HS430-S** 30″ (762mm)
HS439-S 39″ (990.6mm)
HS448-S 48″ (1219.2mm)

Please view our technical documents for more information.

Turnstiles come in four widths. The overall width of your space may dictate how large a turnstile can fit, but other factors come into play.

  • THE MOST NARROW: If you are trying to restrict access to a school track for example, the HS427 is our narrowest opening and will help prevent bicycles from being taken onto a field or track.
  • THE STANDARD: Our standard turnstile, the HS430 is a bit bigger than the rest of the industry and for good reason – it is designed for easy traffic flow for the general population where the 27” is a very narrow passage.
  • FACTORY & WAREHOUSE: Bigger folks carrying lunch boxes and backpacks need additional clearance and that is why the HS439 unit is ideal for these applications. The vast majority of these projects get the HS439. With 1 ¾ inch tubing (vs. 1 ½” for the HS427 and HS430) this unit is made for these demanding environments.
  • THE LARGEST: The HS448 full height security turnstile is ideal where you want extremely large passage. It is popular in industrial settings and frequently used as an exit at many public venues.
*Our recommended clearance is a minimum of 4” above the cover to enable removal and allow access to the control mechanism.
**The HS427 and HS430 units are also available with heavy-duty tubing as models HS427-S-HD and HS430-S-HD.


Additional options are available upon request.

Standard powder coating color selections:

  • Gelger Black II - 60 Gloss (A.K.A Vulcan Black)
  • RAL 9003 Signal White
  • RAL 1013 Oyster White
  • RAL 9007 Grey Aluminum
  • RAL 5023 Distant Blue
  • RAL 5010 Gentian Blue
  • RAL 6002 Leaf Green
  • RAL 8028 Terra Brown

Additional colors are available upon request.

Technical Documents

The following technical documents are available as downloadable PDF documents. If you have any issues with them or need additional information, please contact us.

For more detailed mechanical and electrical information, including wiring diagrams, be sure to read about our 6500 Series Control Head.

Does your equipment seem a little different than shown in the above documents? Please check out our Obsolete Resources page to review electrical and mechanical information on older versions of our equipment.

6500 Series Control Head

Every turnstile we build operates with our durable 6500 Series Control Head. This flexible, easy-to-service modular control system allows for our units to be configured to meet your unique security needs.

Factory configurations include:

  • Manual (free passage) in both directions
  • Manual (free passage) in one direction, locked in the other direction
  • Electronically controlled in one direction, manual (free passage) in the other direction
  • Electronically controlled in one direction, locked in the other direction
  • Electronically controlled in both directions

Electronic control heads can also be configured to be fail-lock(secure), fail-open(safe) or any combination of the two for no additional charge.

A key-override option is also available to give you the ability to unlock your turnstile with a simple key turn.

The 6500 Series Control Head is certified by Intertek to conform to the following standards: UL 294, UL 325, UL Subject 2593, CAN/ULC S319 and CSA C22.2#247.

Additional Suggestions

Full Height Turnstile HS427

For applications that simply require a free-spinning turnstile, order a manual, both direction unit with key overrides. Our narrow HS427 model is popular for use at school tracks where these turnstiles are frequently used to keep bicycles out of a facility but let people come and go.

Complete any turnstile installation with our HS336 or HS348-ADA Full Height Gate. It’s the matching ADA solution for your HS400 Series turnstile, and is available in multiple styles — with vertical bars, or security mesh and push bar exiting.

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